Do you want Relief from Gum Disease?

Any of these Sound/Look familiar?

  • Bleeding Gums when You Brush?
  • Redness and Swelling of gum margins?
  • Friends and Partners noticing Bad Breath and Shying Away?
  • Black/Brown spots in Between Teeth?
  • Teeth getting Looser?
  • Sensitive Teeth?
  • Receding gums or Longer Appearing Teeth?
  • Find out how to treat this Effectively and Efficiently. YOUR health is Worth it.

    With Proven and Safe methods, we will help YOU Get Healthy, Desired Results.

    The good news is that with the advance of LASER gum surgery and gum treatment, and our understanding of the disease, laser periodontal/Gum treatment can be accomplished painlessly, quickly, and with your cooperation, can be kept in remission.

    We have HELPED people Just Like YOU.

    Isn’t it time you took care of your Health?

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    Discover how we can Help YOU!

    Why Us

    Choosing a dentist is a big decision. We understand that our relationship with you is built on trust …

    So Why Us  …….Because We Really Care.

    1. We offer a fresh approach to dentistry

    We understand you might be fearful of going to the dentist. You may have had bad experiences in the past.

    Our number one priority is making you feel good about your teeth.

    By adopting our proactive approach — focusing on educating you about nutrition and oral health and working with you to control and prevent dental problems — we believe we can do it.

    2. You will have a pleasant experience – you always come first!

    We understand that people are fearful of going to the dentist

    With that in mind, we aim to create an experience that is more like going for a gentle massage rather than going to see a dentist.

    It is relaxing, positive and gentle

    We care about the little details: our consultation and personal and professional care. Our dental practice has been designed to help you feel comfortable. Our dentists are highly trained to ensure the highest quality of work is produced for your peace of mind.

    3. Proactive approach – where little things matter!

    We believe ideal dental health can be achieved by anyone.

    We are not like your typical ‘drill and fill’ dentist. We focus on a proactive approach to help take better care of your teeth.

    We have developed a special priority system that indicates your level of oral health.

    There is no need to be scared if you think your teeth are bad:  we will work with you through this special priority system step-by-step to solve your problems and maintain your healthy smile.

    4. Never worry about costs – Affordable treatment

    We make regular dental care affordable

    You probably consider dentistry to be expensive and unaffordable. We want to change he way you think about this.

    We also offer to look after you for long term so that issues don’t happen regularly. This is done by regular hygiene visits that prevents any problems from arising.

    We only want to see you twice a year. By helping you to take better care of your teeth we remove the need for reactive treatment and save you money in the process.

    5. You can pay over a longer period of time

    If you really can’t afford the treatment, you can pay over a longer period of time by using one of the payment plans.